Tina (arienaursula) wrote in niqaabi,

Starting to wear niqab

Assalamu alaikum sisters!

To introduce myself a bit, I became a Muslim a bit more than 9 months ago. I'm 22, living in Canada and going to university.

I'd have to say that it was hijab that first got me interested in Islam. Whenever I'd see hijabis at school, I just thought they were so beautiful even though they were covering much more than the rest of us western girls. After I learned more about Islam, I decided I'd probably convert eventually. It was again my love of hijab that made me "take the plunge" and convert.

I had gradually started to dress more modestly before I converted, and I started wearing hijab about 2 months later. I started wearing jilbab a month or two after that. About the same time I started to wear jilbab, I started to feel the same love and desire to wear niqab.

My problem is that I think wearing niqab might damage my relationship with my father. We've always been fairly close. I lived with him mostly after my parents got divorced. He lives about an hour's drive from the city I'm living in, and our in-person relationship is mostly having lunch in restaurants.

I think this would be easier to deal with when I'm married insha Allah, since I'll have my own kitchen and won't be busy with school, but I'm not married yet. For that reason, I'm planning to start wearing niqab when I get married insha Allah. I might start wearing it before then if there's a way to solve this problem.

I would very much appreciate any advice you could give me about starting to wear niqab and dealing with non-Muslim family members (and non-Muslim society in general!) who won't really understand why I'm doing it.

Jazakum Allah kheir!

Assalamu alaikum!
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